This is an initiative of the Western Region branch of the Australian Museum of Motion Picture & Television (Inc).

TVW Opening – October 16th, 1959

When it was announced that television would start in Western Australia there was much interest in the community, many people had seen television or had been told of it by friends living in Victoria and New South Wales. Because of the interest in the 1956 Olympics which the course was televised, and largely reported in those states television media, it had sparked the interest. 

Brian Williams TVW Producer Director

Brian Williams came to Australia in 1951 and joined the ABC in Melbourne.

He trained in television at Melbourne Technical College and the ABC TV Training School in Sydney. Brian rose rapidly from studio supervisor to producer and director and as the youngest producer/director in Australia at that time, he was responsible for a broad range of productions.

Gordon McColl TVW Cameraman and Director

Gordon McColl was very active taking photographs of shows, personalities and crew members during the early days of our television history. He was well placed, being one of the two studio cameramen on the opening night of TVW on October 16th, 1959

The First Lady of Western Australian Television

Coralie Condon was interested in theatre from an early age. Even while she was a ledger machinist with the Public Works Dept, she was producing shows at the Playhouse Theatre, Perth in her spare time. She went to Sydney and wrote children’s television programmes for the ABC., before returning to Perth in 1959 where she was involved in selection of staff for the opening of Channel Seven.

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