<p>AMMPT welcomes the interest and involvement of those have been, or are still working in Australia’s cinema, film and television industries.It is the historical knowledge or technical expertise of those who remain which is vital to the preservation of the heritage of our industry.</p> <p>We are also very keen to have the support of those who were never actually employed in these areas, but who recognise the importance of trying to retain evidence and stories of the pioneering days of these industries for the information and enjoyment of future generations.</p> <p>Till such time as we establish branches in other regions, new members are being enrolled in the Western Region branch,  In this manner they will be assured of being kept in the loop with progress in their area.  If you are interested in becoming a member of The Australian Museum of Motion Picture & Television please download an application form below and post to the Regional Secretary at  PO Box 1806, Subiaco, Western Australia, 6904. If you do not know a member who can propose or second your application, just list some industry or similar referees with whom details can be verified. We look forward to meeting you as a new member at an upcoming event.</p> <p>Please click here to download an application form</p>

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