C&W P5 Junior Projector

The portable was a brand new projector in 1932. It satisfied all the smaller theaters all over the country. They were less in price and affordable for a touring showman. Country halls, hospitals and even on board cruise ships such as  the  P&O ships that sailed the Pacific.

Calling it a portable was a bit of a misnomer they came in two heavy boxes which contained speaker and amplifiers.

The Jones family of Busselton had a normal theater but a big circuit of portable shows, Bridgetown, Ballingup, Margret River etc. The sons of the family still carry on the Drive-in at Busselton, and had a P5 and P 6

C&W P 51

C&W Junior P 5 Model no 153












C&W P 5 2


C&W P 5 3


C&W P 5


C&W P 5 6


C&W P 5 7


C&W P 58