Down The 8-Track

AMMPT Meeting Wed 15-10-2014 DOWN THE 8-TRACK

History aspects by Richard Rennie. Technology aspects by Tony Smith
 Richard Rennie once again demonstrated rare items from his vast range of audio-visual collectables….this time being all the wacky devices that led up to the audio cartridge tape players.
 Order of presentation….
  • What is a cartridge?
  • 1950s Talking Book used by the blind
  • 1950-1962 Tefifon Cartridge
  • 1952 The Echo-Matic – 1 track magnetic tape cartridge
  • 1954 The Fidelipac – 2 track cartridge used by radio stations
  • 1950-1954 Earl Munz introduced Muntz car
  • 1962-1970 The Munz Stereo-pak – 4 track Stereo cartridge for car use
  • 1966-1969 Playtape Frank Stanton – Portable 2 track cartridge player
  • 1962 Bill Lear of Lear Jet fame
  • 1966 Bill Lear – Stereo 8 track cartridge in all Ford cars
  • 1970 Quadraphonic 8 track with 4 channel stereo
  • c1979-1980 Preshak Films 16mm film – Stereo 8 cartridge
  • 1980s The end of the 8 track
  • Coming next year – The mysterious case of the Cassette
  • Tony Smith demonstrated the workings of an 8 track
typical cartridge uses in broadcasting RR

Typical Cartridge used in broadcasting

Plessey C T 80 Record Replay professional cartridge machine

Plessey CT80 Record/Replay professional cartridge machine

AKAI VT 100 in action

Akai VT-100 in action


Akai VT 100

video shot made in 1972

video shot made in 1972

Richard rennie

Richard Rennie with the cartridge out of a contraption that plays a plastic tape with groves cut into it like a gramophone record…. they provided early talking books for the blind.

a range of different machines

A range of different machines and tapes.

RR 2 image

There was a demonstration by Tony Smith (of the Wireless and Gramophone Club) of a working 8-Track machine where Richard used a small video camera to go inside the workings to see what happens… this was projected onto a big screen.

Tony Smith

Tony Smith

Track 8

Big Screen image projected of 8-Track’s inner workings