PICTURES IN MOTION at Sunset, featured in Chronicle, an award winning Presentation Short Documentary Film.

PICTURES IN MOTION at Sunset, Featured in  Chronicle, an award winning Presentation Short Documentary Film.

In the last two months of 2017 the Sunset AMMPT working Bee team was approached by film and TV camera Students from Perth Central TAFE to make a short film about our operation. They were very impressed with our marvellous collection of vintage and antique equipment and in talking to a few of us they were convinced we could be a very good subject about which to make a film.

The shoots for ‘Chronicle’ were arranged over at least two sessions and under their team leader James Murphy all the necessary vision and interviews were captured. Remembering that the filmmaking team were doing this as part of their Central TAFE film making course requirements, some of this material from the shoots was submitted for their annual assessment. After that James, believing that the material had quality documentary film potential, pursued the editing with view to producing something that could be presented on the big screen. The material was worked on over the whole of 2018 and was finally ready for submission in early 2019 As of May this year, James was pleased to inform us that his documentary had been given the approval of the prestigious Revelations Film Festival and would be premiered on the big screen as part of this year’s Film Festival. James, his team and the Central TAFE Film Making  lecturers are to be congratulated for their parts in this success story

Chronicle is screening with a feature documentary named The Eyes of Orson Welles on 3 dates in July: SAT 6th, 4.10PM at SX Cinema, SAT 13th, 4.10PM at LUNA Cinema and on TUE 16th, 6.30PM, at LUNA Cinema.