Princess Theatre Theatre.

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The Princess opened 21st December 1912 and closed on the 26th June 1969.

The Princess ¬†opened for West’s Theatres and was managed by T.M.Coombe. It was the first purpose-built theatre in the suburban area.

The Princess was operated by Fullers Vaudeville in August 1914 until March 1917.

T.M.Coombe took over the Princess and brought it into the Union Theatre Chain . Sound was introduced to the theatre in August 1929.

The Grand Theatre Company took over the Princess in 1935 and employed William Leighton to design extensive renovations. Cinemascope and Vistavision were installed in 1954.


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On closing in 1969, the building was sold to a car repairer and gutted to become a workshop. In 1985 it became a market and in 1987 and ice cream factory.

At the present time, it is in its 97th year and it is a furniture warehouse.