InFocus presentation

August 19th 2020.

This free event will include nibbles and drinks and will be held at the East Victoria Park RSL Hall, Fred Bell Parade, Bentley – between 7pm and 10pm.This is an initiative of Pictures in Motion Museum of Film and Television (AMMPT).

Stuart Booty: Western Australian Cinematograph and Sound Recording Pioneer 1913 – 1926

Stuart Booty (1890-1971) and his Films
Stuart Booty was a Western Australian Electrical, Movie and Audio Technology Genius and Entrepreneur. The Booty family came to Western Australia in 1896. He started his career in sound and movies in Western Australia in 1910 when he was employed by the Auxetophonoscope Company.
In 1911 (age 22) Booty was screening Eclair (French) movies using a projector of his own manufacturer.
In 1913 (age 24) he was also making movie films in Perth using a movie camera he had designed and built. In the next few years he made many films of local events, such as the March of the Light Horsemen through Perth (1915).
He then moved to Sydney and into the sound recording industry. In 1922 he invented and produced a gramophone called the Vitavox. In 1925 he was the inventor and the owner of Vitavox Records, one of Australia’s earliest record companies.
Stuart ran his business, Vitavox Records, for which he manufactured and sold Vitavox gramophones from 1926 – 1928. He also operated a recording studio where singers, choirs and musicians would come to make records from 1926 – 1963. Stuart and his wife Edith also ran an Electro-therapy and X-ray business from their home.




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